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    Ramiro López Orellana

    Ramiro López Orellana, is a Lawyer and a Public Notary graduated from Universidad Francisco. He began his career more than twenty years ago on the areas Trade, and Civil Law, and also being a Public Notary. Later on, he began his career on litigation, where he has a vast experience in Civil, Trade, Administrative, Taxation and Constitutional Law.


    Ramiro has a wide experience on giving legal advice to big companies on the Corporate areas, as well on Environmental Law, Energetic, and Hydroelectric.


    His liking of law lead him to get his Master Degree on Economic Trade Law on Universidad Rafael Landívar on 2007. Later on, he began to study his doctorate at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala where closed the pensum. He has given the following courses Trade Law and Civil and Trade Procedure Law at the Universidad Rafael Landívar.